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Men's Timberland Earthkeepers City Escape Chukka-Technology Sensor Flex: to meet the challenges of the city!

Men's Timberland Earthkeepers City Escape Chukka-Technology Sensor Flex: to meet the challenges of the city!

Life in big cities can also be an adventure! Think of the challenges you have to face a "common" day.It's a rush to and fro between work, studies, family, friends, commitments and leisure time, and the city often uncooperative. Unfortunately, many of the major Brazilian cities such as Sao Paulo, are not friendly to pedestrians as the world's best cities for walking, which we have shown here on the blog. timberland 6 inch boots The sidewalks may be poorly cuidadadas with holes and gaps, and if you walk a lot between one activity and another on a daily basis, and get home at night tired and footsore, may even hurt.



So the technology of shoes that we use to work, go to the course after pro supermarket, the bar at happy hour, cinema, stroll around the neighborhood, must also evolve and bring more comfort, support and cushioning impacts to face city ​​challenges the like brings to the race tracks and trails. And this is the idea behind the new Timberland technology that reaches the Brazilian market in some models of our new collection Spring / Summer: the SensorFlex technology!

The SensorFlex technology was developed with one goal: to make the shoe adapts to the most unpredictable land, as our battered sidewalks! Thinking about it, our engineers have created a system of three layers: the top layer, firmer, is responsible for the support and stability of your foot, the middle layer of EVA accounts for the absorption of impact and lower layer, the sole is made of precise grooves and traction cocoons for a perfect grip. These three layers are combined with the footwear to adapt instantly to any terrain and at the same time ensures that its foot is always also adapted to footwear. timberland boots sale Awesome, right?

And SensorFlex does all this without giving up comfort or style! The models of shoes and boots with SensorFlex technology has a sleek design and can be used in any urban situation, work to college at night tour. We will know better them?

Bota EK Bradstreet EN CHK M



The booties medium style Chukka barrel are great to compose a visual at the same time stylish and cool and a good urban footprint! And the boots Timberland EK Bradstreet EN CHK M has all this style there and SensorFlex technology for you to face the challenges of the city without giving up the elegance and get home at the end of the day to the entire foot. Available in light brown colors with detail in blue and dark brown with orange detail, it is made of premium leather, timberland boots 10061 has laces in organic cotton and beyond SensorFlex tenologia has insoles in Ortholite PU and extra soft liner made of PET recycled to give further comfort to your feet!

Shoe EK Bradstreet PT OX

The Oxford type shoes are also wild cards in the wardrobe of the urban man who wants to be elegant and travel between the classic and the modern. His style is closer to the traditional shoes than the Sapatênis, but the comfort, shock absorption and grip not leave due to tennis, thanks to SensorFlex  technology. It is also made of premium leather and has the insole and lining Ortholite recycled PET, timberland 2016 and you can take in gray with blue accents, or dark brown with orange accents. It makes you want to have both, right?

Shoe EK Harborside 3Eye OX



The Boat Shoe style shoes are also a classic, but in case more associated with leisure time and a more relaxed look, with a khaki shorts for example. And EK Harborside 3Eye Ox brings more modern style with its bright colors, navy with orange accents or navy with lime green details, and all the comforts of SensorFlex  technology. It is done in ReCanvas premium leather and fabric, 100% recycled PET, and has a amarraçãoo system 360th to ensure best fit Timbs Outlet.