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Timberland boots technology to face the winter!

Timberland boots technology to face the winter!

Well, winter is coming! With less than a month for the official start of the coldest season of the year, Timbs Outlet the days and especially the nights are colder and the cold fronts and air masses polar stronger. It's time to get ready to face the season!

And cold we understand. After all, Timberland is the winter brand! Our brand was born to meet the needs of the woodcutters of the New England region of the northeastern United States, they needed a tough boot and especially waterproof and protect the feet in outdoor work in harsh winters of region, with lots of snow and temperatures that can reach 30 degrees below zero! Thus it was born our first product and great icon of Timberland: the Yellow Boot!



And with the evolution of technology, our products for the winter were diversifying and meeting the most demanding weather conditions year after year. Today, in the autumn-winter 2016 collection, we can say that we bring the most advanced products to keep your feet dry and body and warm in the winter! We have new innovative technologies embedded in boots and jackets that are both high-performance, timberland 2016 stylish and elegant. Let's meet some of these new features, starting with the shoes?

Sporting a mid Cilberg

This boot calls attention to the rustic style, but the big difference you can not see! They are 200g insulation PRIMALOFT, cheap timberland boots for men made with 50% recycled PET and that in addition to eco-conscious is incredibly light, soft and durable! The Polartec lining on the collar, made from 100% recycled PET felt and the membrane waterproof complement guarantee dry and warm feet in winter. Moreover, the Timberland quality that you already know, with the coating on premium leather from certified tanneries for their good environmental practices, sole in Green Rubber made with 42% recycled rubber and eyelets of stainless cardarços, including the top two in D-Ring format.

With a more sporty style and ready to tackle any trail or mountain, the Mid Thorton also has 200g insulation PRIMALOFT, Polartec lining on the collar and waterproof membrane on the premium leather also waterproof and Green Rubber outsole for, plus Anti-Fatigue system to keep your feet comfortable even after a day of hiking!

Bota Heritage 6” Premium



Our iconic Yellow Boot is a classic winters in New England and around the world, and this collection she received an upgrade to make your feet warm even with all the style that only she has. The Heritage 6 version "Premium, colors Coffee, Orange and Burnt Beige has 400g PRIMALOFT thermal insulation. timberland 6 inch boots It is combined to the famous sealed construction of the boot, which ensures complete water resistance, and Anti-Fatigue technology complements the development of the Yellow Boot. Dream of consumption for the winter, huh?

EK Mount Hope L/F WP

The girls also have news to keep your feet protected, dry and warm in the coldest time of the year! The female boot EK Mount Hope has a style that is the face of winter and has 200g of insulation and membrane PRIMALOFT waterproof pros their feet also stay warm, besides the sole in Gripstick and Green Rubber for more grip.Available in White and Navy Blue colors  timberland 14 inch womens boots.



And then, all are beautiful, right? But which one do you like most? Account for us, and meet these and other boots autumn-winter collection Timberland in our stores! Beware, you can fall in love (by the way, speaking of passion, all are beautiful Valentine's Day gift, do not you think?)