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Yellow Boots Timberland have colorful news!

Yellow Boots Timberland have colorful news!

In the previous post, we anticipate some of the novelties of the new collection Spring / Summer Timberland, but warn that it was only the beginning! And you have not lost hope: in addition to exclusive releases, the new collection also features some super exclusive versions of our beloved and coveted Yellow Boot, timberland boots 10061 the icon product Timberland! Better yet, it has news pros men and women also purchases! You may already be dying to know them better, then we go:

Yellow Boot Icon Helcor



And then, already fell in love with this baby up there? The black color and the look "reptilian" call the first of attention, but the Yellow Boot Icon Helcor in style black color All Black has more. Starting with this amazing leather with standard reptile skin lining the boot. Helcor leather, developed in Germany for not only 100% impermeable, but also abrasion resistant. That is, you can use the Helcor leather boot in the most extreme conditions and it will remain unscathed! To get an idea, it resists to the fire! Not only that, the boot still has 400g thermal insulation PRIMALOFT insulation that keeps your feet warm, and is built with direct coupling and seams sealed waterproof to ensure feet dry in any environment. Oh, there's more: midsole with Anti-Fatigue system for comfort, timberland 6 inch boots removable insole, padded collar, sole knurled Green Rubber, with 42% recycled rubber, and atracadores recycled nylon laces secured always well tied. Now you fell in love, she runs to ensure its because this issue is super limited!

Yellow Boot Icon



A different version of the Yellow Boot that can be yours is the Icon, with collar detail in camouflage pattern in classic color beige or black color. Made of premium leather, they also have 400g PRIMALOFT insulation, Anti-Fatigue system, padded collar and removable insoles.timberland 2016 Both Icon Helcor as the Icon with camouflaged detail are available in the numbering 38 to 44.

Yellow Boots Women



But girls can also celebrate! The Yellow Boot gives an incomparable style to feminine looks, and in addition to the classic colors, White and Black, the version for women of our dearest boot, the numbering 34 to 39, just won three amazing color options that update and give a super differential to this classic: Rose, salmon and blue-gray. All have the coat in black leather waterproof and sealed seams to ensure feet dry in any weather, flexible construction, Anti-Fatigue system and padded collar for comfort, eyelet laces rust resistant and laces in Taslan fiber to durability, removable insole and outsole for durable and grippy super natural rubber.black timberland 6 inch boots Which new color you like best? Hard to choose, all are beautiful!



Now just check the addresses of our unique shops and go to the nearest check closely these super news of our iconic Yellow Boots, which go far beyond the Yellow. But runs as stocks are limited, and thinking about how they are desired, they will end up quickly!